Why Am I Doing This?

That’s one of the hardest questions to answer. First I would say it is a dream I have had for many years (like 35 or 40 maybe). We all have dreams that we carry throughout our lives and some of them we take to our graves. Sometimes you don’t have the money. Sometimes you don’t have the time. There are lots of reasons dreams don’t materialize. This could have easily been one of those.

But my wife Denise and I sometimes talk about where we will be in 20 years. We both would love to retire to a little ranch out in the country with a barn and a few dogs. My twist on that was to have a grass strip and a home built airplane we could fly around in and go see our grand kids (when we have them). We also want to use the airplane as a ministry. There are organizations that use private pilots to fly supplies and people into and out of regions of the world where small aircraft are the only option. Well like that idea so that became part of our long term vision.

I was content to keep this whole idea in the dream category until recently when my wife began to bring up the subject more frequently. It was then I realized that at 54 years old my ability to fly, much less build an airplane won’t last forever. At some point my health will prevent me from piloting. As I browsed some of the web sites of RV builders it occurred to me that building a home built airplane is a long term project. Most builders take 3 to 5 years or even more to build an RV from start to first flight. If I am ever going to do this I should start sooner rather than later. If I start now, then maybe by the time my youngest child graduates from college it could be ready to fly. Then, if we retire and move to the country we might have a few good years to enjoy it.

So with that, we decided that the time might be right to start the project. According to Vans the empennage is the recommended starting place and the cost of the empennage kit is not huge so that sounds like a good place to start. In November of 2009 we started preparing for the project and on Jan 12, 2010 we officially placed the order for the empennage. Now if I can just keep up with this journal!

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