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Misc. Aileron Tasks – 2 hrs

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

Tonight was spent doing several small tasks needed to finish the mounting of the left aileron and to prepare to mount the right flap. First up was making spacers for the left aileron hinge bearings from aluminum tubular stock. Approximate lengths are shown on the drawing but you have to measure the actual gap and cut to the required length. Here is the inboard bottom spacer which came out a little under 0.7 inches long.

Left inboard lower aileron bearing spacer

The left inboard upper bearing spacer came out about 0.375 inches long.

Left inboard upper aileron bearing spacer

With that done I mounted the right aileron without spacers. I’ll make those later. Here is the outboard bearing bracket which uses several washers as spacers and does not require a tubular spacer. This one determines the longitudinal position of the aileron on the wing.

Right outboard aileron bearing bracket

Then I installed the bellcrank in the right wing. I had previously reamed out the bore of the bronze bearing to 0.250 diameter so I already had a good fit, but the white brackets and bellcrank all have to be drilled out because the mounting holes are slightly undersized due to the powder coating. I also installed the pushrod to the aileron as you can see in this picture. This is a temporary install so I did not put the nuts on yet. Here you can also see the blue alignment tool that Vans so kindly provides for positioning the aileron in nominal trail.

Right aileron bellcrank

With that in place I adjusted the length of the push rod to align the trailing edge of the right aileron to a straight line from the centers of two tooling holes on the wing end rib. Now that this is aligned I can set up the flap for match drilling to the flap brace.

Right aileron aligned in trail

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Finished Right Aileron, Built Wing Cradle – 6.5 hrs

February 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Saturday Feb 26, 2011

Last night after work I finished all the riveting of the right aileron. The process was just like the left aileron but I was tired so I only took one picture of both ailerons side by side.

Both ailerons completed

I torqued the brackets on each end and applied torque stripes.

Brackets torqued

Instead of starting on the flaps this morning I next built the wing cradle. I had all the materials on hand because I bought them weeks ago when I was at home depot. It is pretty much exactly like the plans describe except I put casters on the bottom so I can easily roll it around the garage. Here it is ready to receive the wings, although I may add a shelf in the middle to hold the wing bottom skins until I install those.

Wing cradle

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Started Right Aileron Final Assembly – 1 hr

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Monday Feb 21, 2011

I started final assembly of the right aileron tonight after work. Step 1 was to rivet the nut plate to the spar and reinforcement plate.

Nutplate riveted to spar and reinforcement plate

Then rivet the nose ribs to the counterweight pipe. I doubled checked to make sure the pipe was not flipped around backwards.

Nose ribs riveted to the counterweight pipe

Then I cleco’d the skins onto the spar and mounted the spar onto the two blocks I made for the left aileron to hold the assembly on the bench in a convenient orientation for riveting. This time I’ll wait till later to rivet the nose skin to the counterweight like I’m supposed to. This assembly process seems easier on the second run through.

Skins cleco'd on, ready to rivet top skins to spar

That was it for the night because I am packing for a business trip tonight. I am heading up to Vandenberg AFB for the launch of the Glory satellite.

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Left Aileron Assembly – 3.5 hrs

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Sunday Feb 20, 2011

My other project today was to assemble the left aileron. It starts by riveting the nose ribs to the counterweight tube using LP4-3 pop rivets.

Riveting Nose Ribs to the Counterweight Pipe

Then you install the leading edge skin. I misread the instructions here and riveted it instead of just clecoing it to the counterweight. Luckily this did not cause a problem. The rivets look good though.

Counterweight rivets

Then I cut two pieces of 2×4 and used wood screws to make a simple stand to hold the aileron oriented nose down on the bench. Then I clamped it down to the bench so it would not move around during riveting. The skins are just cleco’d together in this picture.

Simple stand for riveting

The skins are riveted to the spar along the top surface from the inside as shown below. The tungsten bucking bar worked great with the 15 degree angled side. The lower skin lifts up just enough so I could get a hand in to hold the bucking bar. I was able to shoot all these rivets solo.

Upper skin riveting

Do you see a problem in this picture? The row of holes along the bottom of the skin should be dimpled. I guess I just missed this step when preping the parts. Fortunately I could easily dimple these with the pneumatic squeezer. A good reminder to make and follow a checklist whenever possible.

Wait - these holes should be dimpled!

After riveting the upper surface of the aileron to the spar and ribs, I flipped it over, put it on the floor and weighed it down to hold it flat. Then I riveted the lower surface to the spar and ribs. In this case the spar rivets are CS4-4 pop rivets. Then I installed the A-406-1 and A-407 brackets and the aileron is done.

Left aileron done!

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Aileron Part Priming – 6 hrs

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Saturday Feb 19, 2011

A productive day of airplane building today. It was supposed to be raining this morning but the weather was behind schedule and it was partly cloudy in the morning so I hurried up and finished preparing the aileron skeleton parts for priming. First I finished deburring holes and scotch-brite scrubbing the parts. Then I slightly bent the edges of the nose skin where they overlap the aft skins using my new edge forming tool from Cleaveland. Then I dimpled the spar, ribs,and skins.

Dimpling aileron skeleton parts

The end ribs have two holes each that are hard to dimple. Builders don’t often talk about these. My technique is to use a simple tool which is a piece of steel with a #40 hole drilled through and machine countersunk. I clamp it in my vise, put the rib in place, and with a hammer whack a #40 dimple die into the skin to form the dimple into the machine countersink. Works pretty good.

Dimpling those tough holes

After washing all the part with Simple Green, rinsing and setting them out to dry, I sprayed them all with Ekoprime. Here is one set for the left aileron. A hour after this it started raining again. Good timing.

Parts primed and ready for final assembly

I few hours later I installed the nut plate on the left aileron spar and the reinforcement plate. I stopped work on the ailerons here so I could install rivets on the right wing with my wife.

Nut plate riveted to the spar and reinforcement plate

Denise drove rivets and I bucked. We completed about half of the rivets for the top skin, not including the aft spar which I will squeeze later alone. Altogether a good day today. We stopped here so we could get ready to go out tonight to a movie with daughter #2.

Right wing top skin riveting progress

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More Right Aileron Progress- 1.5 hrs

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Thursday Feb 17, 2011

Tonight was all about getting the right aileron caught up to the left aileron so I can be ready to prime parts when the weather permits. I match drilled the skins to the skeleton including opening up the holes for the lower edge of the nose skin to #30 for flush CS4-4 rivets, and drilling through the leading edge into the counterweight pipe.

Right aileron skins match drilled

Then I removed the trailing edge skin and end ribs and drilled the nose rib tabs through the pipe “through the back door”.

Coming in the back door

Then I took the nose skin off, countersunk the holes in the pipe and dimpled the nose skin leading edge holes with a dimple die, a hammer, and a couple of pieces of 2 x 4.

Pipe countersunk and leading edge dimpled

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Right Aileron Progress- 1 hr

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Tuesday Feb 15, 2011

Tonight I did this:

1) Devinyled the right aileron nose skin interior

2) Deburred the edges of both nose skins

3) Deburred the right aileron end ribs

4) Match drilled the right aileron end ribs to the spar

5) Cleco’d together the right aileron skeleton in preparation for match drilling

Right aileron cleco'd together

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