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Aileron Brackets and Gap Fairing – 5 hrs

March 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Saturday Mar 5, 2011

Still feeling a sense of sadness (see post yesterday) I continued today with the aileron brackets. First step was to reassemble the brackets, the final step of rework after I discovered that several of the parts were swapped incorrectly. Riveting was by cupped set on the rivet gun and a tungsten bucking bar. Here are all four brackets ready for installation on the wing.

Aileron brackets reassembled

Then I cleco’d the brackets to the wing and match drilled. After removing burrs I riveted the four brackets to the wing skeleton. Here is one of the outboard brackets installed.

Outboard bracket riveted

Then I cleco’d on the aileron gap fairings and match drilled the holes in the rear spar and top skin.

Aileron gap fairing cleco'd and match drilled

That was followed by deburring, deglossing with scotch-brite, smoothing the edges with a scotch-brite wheel and a little hand work, cleaning and priming. Here they are in the paint booth.

Gap fairings primed

Denise cleared some stuff out of the garage this morning, sold some of it at a garage sale, and cleaned up the rest to free up much needed space. I am glad to have a three car garage for this project. Here is the wing cradle in the new free space. This leaves plenty of room for the fuselage which I will be starting soon.

More space in the garage

I also trimmed one of the flap braces. You can see the shallow angle cut that follows parallel to the rear spar stiffener.

Flap brace fit check

Flap Skeleton Prep – 1 hr

March 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Tuesday Mar 1, 2011

After work tonight I cleaned up the aileron bracket parts and applied primer to touch-up the areas where I had to modify them to fit to the rear spar. Then I laid them out to dry over night.

Then I switched over to the flap skeleton parts; specifically the ribs which needed deburring. I used the scotch-brite wheel on my grinder to deburr all twelve ribs and the two control horns.

Then I cleco’d the ribs to the spar on the left flap. That’s all I had time for tonight. Not a lot but at least it keeps things moving.

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Rework Aileron Brackets – 1.5 hrs

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Monday Feb 28, 2011

Lesson Number 41: Don’t assemble the aileron brackets before the wing is in the cradle.

Tonight I was going to do the simple task of fitting the aileron brackets to the wing rear spar. Unfortunately I discovered I had switched two of the aileron bracket parts, the W-413C and W-414C, and the holes would not line up correctly. There was no choice but to remove the rivets and switch the parts back. So tonight was spent mostly drilling out rivets. Once I had the parts switched I cleco’d them together and did a fit check on the wings. That’s when I found that I had to modify the parts a little to eliminate an interference with a rivet on the spar and the inside radius of the spar flange. It wasn’t a lot of material to remove but it was better done before riveting the W-413C and W-414C to the other parts. Remember lesson Number 41.

Here is a photo of the mid wing bracket cleco’d in place after making the modifications.

Fitting aileron brackets

Here is one of the outboard brackets.

An outboard aileron bracket

I’ll have to touch up the primer and then rivet the parts back together.

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Primed Right Leading Edge Parts – 6 hrs

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The forecast for the weather today was clear and warmer so I set out to prime a bunch of parts including the right leading edge parts and the aileron pushrods. While I was at it I decided to prime the aileron brackets as well. So I match drilled all the rivet holes first, then used a scotch-brite pad on my orbital sander to scuff up the surfaces of the parts. Here you can see the difference the scrubbing makes on the surface with a before and after comparison.

Before and after scotch-brite scrub

Then everything was washed with water and scrubbed with Simple Green. After a good rinsing the parts were laid out to dry. Then I loaded the spray gun with Stewart Systems primer and shot all the parts. Here is a shot in process.

Parts in the paint booth

After the parts had a chance to dry a while I brought them back into the garage. Here are just some of the pieces.

Leading edge skin, pushrods, and aileron bracket parts

After lunch I assembled the aileron brackets per the instructions. Gotta be careful here because there are several different rivet lengths and some must be countersunk on the correct side.

Aileron brackets assembled

I assembled the right leading edge with clecos to do a fit check on the spar with the right fuel tank. I wanted to see if a shim was going to be required under the splice plate. Sure enough, a shim on the lower surface is needed to reduce pillowing.

Leading edge fit check

So I made a shim out of 0.025 aluminum Alclad. In the next photo you can see the shim installed between the rib and the splice plate.

Homemade shim under splice plate

Here is the right leading edge ready to be riveted together.

Leading edge ready to rivet