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Completed Elevator Pushrods – 2.5 hrs

January 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Sunday Jan 8, 2012

This morning the primer inside the pushrod tubes was well dry so I finished assembling them to the fittings. I match drilled each end and riveted the fittings with MSP-42 pop rivets as specified. Then I detoured a bit and installed the small pushrod so I could get a measurement of how much room is available under it for routing the pitot lines. Here you can see the pushrod temporarily attached to the control column. There is more than an inch of clearance under the pushrod at the lowest point. Looks like I can get the pitot lines under there.

Then I scrubbed the tubes with scotchbrite, washed them with Simple Green, and dried them. Once the spray gun was set up I shot a good coat of primer on these pushrods. Here they are laid out on the bench after drying a while.

Here is a close up of one end of the large pushrod.