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Air Vent Mounts – 4 hrs

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Friday Oct 19, 2012

My next mini project is making and installing the air vents in the cabin. I bought the small Steinair vents a while back but have not gotten around to installing them. So now is the time.

I looked at how some other builders had mounted them to get a general idea of the parts I needed to make then I made a cardboard template for the main faceplate. That let me get the shape refined before I cut metal. I made the faceplates out of .032 Alclad sheet and the two angles are 3/4 x 3/4 x .032. Unfortunately I found that the ring nuts on the vents require a minimum panel thickness of about .065 so I had to make two spacers to thicken the grip. Here are all the parts for the installation. I drilled the angles to the faceplates first, then drilled the angles to the side skin of the fuselage with the parts in place.


Here is how the mounts are assembled. The spacers fit under the ring nuts of the vents.


This is how they will look installed. The angles will be riveted to the side skin and the faceplate is held to the instrument panel with one screw.


I still need to prime the parts and paint. Then I can rivet it all together and install the SCAT tubes to the NACA inlets.

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