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2nd Annual Condition Inspection

After two years in phase two of flying the airplane it was time for the second annual condition inspection. Since I hold the Repairman’s Certificate I can sign this inspection off myself.


Engine bay and prop inspections

I am happy to report that the machine is holding together well after about 110 hours on the hobbs meter. The only thing I found of consequence was a broken support brace on the engine baffles in the area of the oil cooler.


Can you see it? At the end of the support brace from the #4 cylinder to the rear baffle next to the oil cooler fins. It was cracked all the way through. I put this support brace here because others before me have reported cracking in the baffles around the oil cooler due to vibration. I guess this shows that there must be some strain in this area. But I found no cracks in the baffles or the oil cooler flanges so I guess the support brace did its job while it lasted. I replaced the support brace with a new one that should be stronger. The aluminum tubing that I used for the original support brace is thin and not that strong. At the end where it is flattened it is further weakened by a 45 degree bend. If there is any flexing there it is likely to crack and break. For the replacement support brace I made a end fitting from .062 2024 aluminum which is much stronger than the tubing material and thicker.


Replacement Support Brace

The end fitting is riveted to the tubing  further up the tube where it showed no signs of strain before. We’ll see if this version holds up. If not, I’ll up the ante again with an even stronger support brace.

Results of the engine oil analysis were all normal for an engine with 110 hours. No abnormal wear detected. Cylinder compression measurements were also consistent with the previous two measurements.

This next picture just shows the inspection of the wiring and control linkages under the seat pans.


Inspection under the seat pans.

I also made a new jack stand for lifting the weight off the landing gear. Or perhaps I should say I recycled an old fuselage stand for the jack stand. That’s a harbor freight 4-ton jack on top of the stand. I used a 1.25 inch socket from harbor freight as the receptacle for the jack with a 3/8 inch bolt and nut going into the tie down ring hole. It’s not fancy, but it does the job.


Low cost wing jack

This close up shows the receptacle more clearly.


Wing jack and recpetable

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