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Installed an O2 System

April 10, 2016 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I posted anything new on this site. What have I been doing? Just flying and enjoying the airplane. But just recently I added an O2 system to the airplane for high altitude flying. In particular, we are planning to fly to the Grand Canyon and that will involve flying at 11.5K ft in certain corridors. So I thought it would be good to show the system and how I installed it.

The tank is a new size D medical O2 tank I bought on Amazon. The regulator is a medical HCS8708M regulator with a pressure gauge and adjustable flow rate from 0.12 up to 8l/sec.Together these two items cost less than $100. I also bought a pair of Oxysaver Cannulas and a Y fitting plus a second pulse oximeter. Total cost less than $200.


O2 System Components

To install the tank I made a pair of custom brackets that will hold the tank against the flap cover on the copilot’s side of the baggage compartment. The bracket surface matches the radius of the tank and there are two velcro straps that hold the tank in place. I could have bought brackets for this purpose for about $70, but I haven’t fabricated anything in a while so I decided to be creative.


Tank Mounting Brackets

Here is a view with the flap cover and brackets reinstalled in the airplane.


And here it is with the tank installed. It feels quite secure with the velcro straps snug. This position allows me to open the valve, see the pressure gauge, and adjust the flow rate all from the pilot’s seat. Now let’s go fly high!


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