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GoPro Test – Mounted Under Left Wing

November 8, 2015 Leave a comment

08 Nov 2015

I occasionally feel some shimmy from the landing gear when I land so I decided to mount my GoPro under the wing so I could get video of what’s happening down there. I made a new “duplicate” inspection cover for the left wing and made a mount for the GoPro that attaches to it. Here is a photo of just the mounting base attached to the inspection panel.


GoPro Mounting Base

Here is the mount with the GoPro installed.


GoPro mounted under the left wing

This video is an initial test to see how stable it is. I angled the camera to capture all three landing gear legs. There is definitely some shimmy happening. The video also shows a nice day at Corona airport.

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Upgraded Dynon to Touch

November 7, 2015 Leave a comment

Saturday, 7 Nov 2015

I decided to upgrade my left Dynon D1000 EFIS to the touchscreen version while Dynon still offers the trade-in option for $800. It was simple to pull the unit out and ship it back to Dynon for the upgrade (pre-authorized by Dynon with a RMA).


Left Dynon EFIS removed for upgrade

It took a little more than a week from the day I shipped my old unit to Dynon until the new Touch version arrived at my door. I put it back into the panel today and made sure it was working properly. It’s all good except I have to get a new license code for my navigation map subscription.

Here is the panel with the new EFIS mounted. You can see the Touch logo in the upper right hand corner if you look closely. I decided not to upgrade the copilot EFIS because it’s not really needed. The right EFIS is great for the passenger to see what’s going on but the primary control of the EFIS is virtually always done from the left seat.


New Touch EFIS installed for the left seat.

While I was messing around I made a little cushioned pad for the edge of the fuel pump cover. My leg rests there often and the bare edge gets uncomfortable after a while. This little pad does the job.


A little padding for the edge of the fuel pump cover

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