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Started Annual Condtion Inspection – 6 hrs

Sunday, Aug 30, 2015

I started the annual condition inspection on the RV-7A today. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since I got the airworthiness certificate and made the first flight. I started with the prop area, removing the spinner and checking the bolt torque, spinner plate condition, etc.


Then I pulled off the cowl and started the firewall forward inspections including checking the spark plug condition, performing a cylinder differential pressure test, resetting the ignition timing, and about 50 other things.


The only issue I found under the cowl was some evidence of contact between the exhaust pipe and the cowl as you can see in the photo below. It damaged the thermal insulation near the aft hinge. It was easy to patch it up with some aluminum foil tape. I’ll readjust the pipe to give a little more clearance.


The spark plugs looked good for 83 hours of hobbs time. It looks like the lean-of-peak operations are keeping the buildup down on the lower spark plugs and there are not significant signs of lead buildup.


I spent about six hours on the firewall forward work today. Next week I’ll move to the cabin area and continue there.

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  1. Duncan Kenworthy (Sandy)
    September 5, 2015 at 11:17 am

    Your website is and will be an inspiration to me whilst I continue building my QB RV9A in England. I am 65 and building my plane to hopefully get my licence before I have any health issues!! You have a wealth of tips and ideas on your build pages which will hopefully keep me from bothering others and myself focused. Started a few years ago with plenty gaps but have completed the empennage. Any chance of an email address to contact you for tech info?

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