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Building Hours – 1.5 hrs

September 21, 2014 Leave a comment

Sunday Sep 21, 2014

Last weekend was so scorching hot in Corona (107 F) that I didn’t even bother trying to fly. It would be unbearable under that bubble canopy and I don’t want to try to break in the engine with the temperatures so high. So I waited it out.

Today was a pleasant 76 degrees at 9:30 AM so I was off. Denise went out to the airport with me and she took a couple pictures. The first was on takeoff.


I put 1.5 hours on the hobbs, and I am getting gradually further away from the airport. I made it down to the edge of the flight test area today then headed back to KAJO. The second photo is on arrival back at the taxiway to the hangar. There’s that RV grin.


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