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Exhaust System Install, Part 1 – 1.5 hrs

Tuesday Jan 8, 2013

Hot dog – my Vetterman exhaust system arrived in the mail today! This is a 4-to-2 crossover system with mufflers using 1.5 inch pipes. Larry Vetterman claims the 1.5 inch pipes provide as good or better performance than the conventional 1.75 inch pipes with less weight and a bit less crowding in the FWF section. Here are all the parts in the box (no they did not arrive loose in the box this way).


I was anxious to get the exhaust installed so I can see if my throttle and mixture cable arrangements are acceptable. I was surprised how quickly the basic exhaust stack went on, however I still have to figure out how to orient the lower tail pipe sections and how to install the hangers that support those sections. You kinda need to install the lower cowling to get the optimum position for the pipes as they exit the cowl. It’s always the chicken and the egg problem on the FWF! Figuring out exactly what to do first is the big challenge. On the left side the muffler includes a heat muff that I don’t plan to use so the orientation is arbitrary. I will probably point the ports down so any moisture that condenses can run out easily.


The right side heat muff will be connected to the port on the cylinder baffle and the air box on the firewall. It looks like there is plenty of clearance for that.


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