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Making Tool Adjustments – 1 hr

Monday Nov 28, 2011

I did not have a rivet partner tonight and I didn’t really have much time anyway so I spent it thinking about how I might make this riveting process a little easier. I decided to modify my tool slightly to help me align the bucking bar in those blind situations along the aft spar. Here is what I came up with.

Basically the wood pieces act as a handle and a guide. I used the longer piece while riveting yesterday but I needed something to help me get the head of the bar flush with the rivet. Reaching in blind it is easy to get the bar tilted and drive the rivet unevenly. The triangular block gives me a guide along the aft spar to push the bar against to make the head flush in at least one axis. It’s still blind but if I can reach the rivet head using the handle as an extension and push the block up against the spar flush I have a better chance of getting it aligned right. I hope I can try it tomorrow night.

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