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Attached Flap Actuator, Drill Pitot Holes – 4 hrs

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Saturday Nov 12, 2011

Overcast and rain predicted today so it’s not a good day to prime and paint although I have a large pile of parts that really need it. So I continued to work on the flap actuator. My first step today was attaching the flap actuator to the actuator bar. I had to bend the tangs of the arm out slightly to fit the monoball with two AN960 washers as called for in the plans. Then I safety wired the monoball as instructed in the service bulletin. Here is how it turned out.

Then I attached the bolt and brackets on the other end of the actuator.To my surprise the bolt is longer than the one illustrated on the drawing. The plans just call out an AN4 bolt with not length but it looks like an AN4-16 would match the illustration. My kit came with an AN4-21. I looked all over for a shorter AN4 with drilled threads but could not find one. For now I made an additional spacer so I could keep moving. It’s the one right under the castle nut in this picture. I’ll probably order a replacement bolt later.

Then I mated the reassembled the actuator housing with the actuator and clamped the F-766B to the F-766A and drilled the three holes that hold the two together. One observation here; one is that the actuator is not parallel with the channel in the nominal design. The upper end is slightly left of the aircraft centerline but the monoball end is on center. I expected it to be parallel but I read that maybe some of the parts were adapted from another aircraft design and does not fit perfectly in the RV-7/A. I wish it was designed to run parallel because the monoball has to make up for the offset angle. I’ve heard no reports of it being a mechanical problem but other have noted the issue and some have complained like I am doing here.

After deburring the actuator channel and F-766B bracket I shifted my attention to the F-705 bulkhead again. I don’t plan to put steam gauges in the instrument panel but I decided to drill holes to run pitot and static lines forward just in case. The reason is primarily that it is easy to do now and will be harder to retrofit later. So I located the points and drilled one 1/4 inch diameter hole on each side. In this photo you can see one just to the left of the slot between two rivet holes.

Then I made a notch in the left side panel of the flap actuator housing for clearance around the upper actuator bolt head.

It was raining by this time so priming parts was definitely out of the question. Instead I alodined the two stiffener ribs that go under the F-782 cover. These will not be visible in the cockpit so paint is unnecessary. A little chromate does the trick. I also installed nutplates on the ribs and alodined the F-766B bracket.

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