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Started Flap Actuator Install – 4 hrs

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Sunday Nov 6, 2011

Early this morning I began preparing the forward cover parts for priming and painting. There are lots of edges on the F-782C cover so that took over an hour to deburr and scuff for that one part. The other parts include the baffle, fuel valve cover, and the reinforcement ribs for the fuel pump.

After church I decided to bend the louvers of the F-782C. I used a couple of wood blocks clamped to the part along the bend line for each louver and used a small wood scrap and a rubber mallet to begin the bend, then completed it with my fingers.

They turned out pretty good if I judge for myself. This part is ready to prime but the weather is not good for that today. Cloudy and humid. I’ll have to wait for a better day to break out the paint gun.

Then I started on the flap actuator installation. The first step is to drill the holes for the mounting screws. The plans don’t mention it but you also have to cut about 1/4 inch off the end of the block. Luckily I noticed the dimension on the drawing and checked the part length. The cut line is marked on a piece of blue tape.

Here are the parts after drilling the holes and cutting the bearing in half.

Next up was drilling a tiny hole to safety wire the rod end to the flap actuator. This seems a little like a kludge but it is the recommended method. I may also stake the nut with epoxy. I looks like vans may have put locking compound on the threads already.

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